Red Giant Oil Company/Searle Petroleum and its wholly-owned subsidiary, Tri-State Recycling Service, Inc., would like to announce the merging of entities into one… effective immediately, all business transacted under the name Tri-State Recycling Services, Inc., will now be transacted as Red Giant Oil Company.

We are Proud to finally make this assimilation; as the principals of Red Giant Oil we have had a one-company vision for years and now is the perfect time for this transition. Efforts are currently under way for a new single-source computer system to be implemented by year end and it will also simplify the Red Giant Oil ISO 9001:2008 certification process that will be coming to Wyoming and Utah facilities.

We assure all our customers and vendors that no services, standards, or quality will be affected; quite the opposite, we feel this will be a positive experience for all involved. You will begin to see a change in documents and forms as we progress. If you have any questions feel free to contact your regional Red Giant Oil facility with questions; they will be happy to help.